‘Shift’ is a kinetic sculpture within a body of work entitled ‘Interaction and Response’. ‘Shift’ exists within two states and relies upon viewer interaction to trigger change.

‘Shift’s’ composition of form portrays a feeling of unbalance, a visual language referring to the process responsible for the shift between states.

When stationary ‘Shift’ remains dormant, waiting with the potential to transition. The viewer's input acts to catalyse change.The small action is magnified throughout, triggering a sequence and ultimately a ‘Shift’ in state.

‘Shift’ exists in ‘State One’ when the bangle is in place and the form seemingly complete. All elements are aligned following a perspective path and rigid pattern. When the bangle is removed the form is broken as ‘Shift’ transitions into state two. Disrupting all pattern previously established, conveying incompletion.

The wearable element within ‘Shift’ acts as both a reason to trigger change and a point of questioning, challenging the practicality of jewellery as well as how it is stored and displayed.

Relying upon viewer interaction requires visual cues as to how this is done. In ‘State one’ the frequency of certain materials indicates where the removable element locates. In ‘State Two’ when the bangle is removed the central arm raises, seemingly reaching out, awaiting the return.